Circle Skirt Tutorial The First



The circle skirt. Other than some basic math, (For help use this calculator: ) you can easily draft a pattern and make a few skirts on a weekend afternoon. Not only are they super simple to make, there are several different types of feminine and sometimes silly prints to give you that extra touch of individuality. I drafted a pattern a while back and it held up well until today. I used butcher paper but poster board would definitely be more durable in the long run. Depending on your measurements, you can use as little as a yard of fabric for a skirt. Since I used about 2 1/2 yards, my skirt will consist of four panels sewing together to ultimately complete a perfect circle.


Using my personalized pattern, I cut my four sections and proceeded to cut notches on the bottom of the skirt to help with the hemming process. Circle skirts are known for being very difficult to hem, but I’ve noticed this helps A LOT.  I don’t measure the space between the notches but it is generally about an inch apart.


I’m the first to admit I hate pinning fabric unless I absolutely must. To me, fabric is delicate and I don’t want to hurt it LOL. What I do is spray the fabric with a little starch (I like Mary Ellen’s Best Press. It’s awesome.) and use my fingers to smooth the hem before I set the iron to it.


photo (1)

Before being sewn together. Can’t wait to spin my butt off:)!


For extra strength I use zigzag and straight stitches to sew everything together but ultimately it’s whatever you prefer.


To prevent fraying, pinking shears are a must! There’s nothing worse than washing a handmade garment and seeing shredded threads near your stitches.

Well, that is all for today. I hope part one of my tutorial was easy enough to follow! Circle Skirt Tutorial The Second will include hemming and finally, the waistband. Any questions you may have can be posted in the comments. Thanks for reading!


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