Everyone has different goals in life. Some people grow up knowing what they want while others are still drifting, trying to figure it out. I definitely fall into the latter category. Only recently do I feel like I’ve “figured it all out” meaning there’s somewhat of a direction in my life now instead of the ever constant drift. I suppose that’s why I decided to blog about sewing.

Sewing for me is a way of self expression, to be different and wear something that I busted my butt to make. It’s the best feeling, second only to love (aww…gag;) ha ha). Seriously though, sewing is its own reward even though there will be times of great frustration. Moments where you want to start over or feel like you want to give up. Please don’t. Once you get past the “I can’t do this” feeling you realize you can! Then you can wear your handmade designs with pride and accept the compliments graciously¬†with a huge smile on your face. I know I do!


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