IMG_1227Hi everyone, I hope this weekend is treating you well thus far! Today my husband I and teamed up for this tutorial on a paper pendant lamp. Enjoy!

First off, gather your supplies.

  • Vellum (or light colored cardstock)
  • Compass
  • Binder Clips
  • Elmer’s Craft Glue (any glue is fine though)
  • A pendant light cord
  • Xacto knife
  • A 25 watt or lower blunt tip light bulb
  • Scissors


My husband used the compass to make several circles and I cut them as best as I could. I love the stars on the paper. So cute.


Fold a corner of the circle. It will touch the hole left behind from the compass. You’ll be able to fold it three times. It will look like a triangle.


Using an Xacto knife, trim off about a 1/4 inch from each side. Set aside a triangle for the top.


We didn’t try to make any sort of design, but this is what it looked like before gluing both pieces together.


AND AFTER! View from the top.



With the triangle you set aside earlier, cut a small opening for the cord to go through and glue. Let it dry for a few hours and BOOM! New cute light for anywhere in your home. Of course, do not leave the lamp plugged in when you’re away:).







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