Pincushion Ring



It’s always nice to have pins on hand while sewing *ahem* so I decided to try my hand (too much?) at making a pincushion ring!


Supplies Needed:

  • 3 inch scrap of fabric
  • Perl Thread (Embroidery thread works too)
  • Embroidery Needle
  • Polyester Fiberfill
  • Ring with plate


With a round template I cut a circle and proceeded with a running stitch along the perimeter.


Place the fabricĀ in the palm of your hand, right side down and stuff some poly-fill in the center of the circle. Grab the excess thread and tail, gather gently but firmly until it looks like the above pic. Tie in a knot.


Since my ring had a holey plate, I stitched the pincushion onto it. If you find a flat plate ring, E6000 or hot glue will keep it from falling off.


Done! Even though it may seem a little impractical because of the size, it’s a cute, fast and easy project to do. Until next time, happy stitching!



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