W.I.P. Wednesday


Hi everyone! Looks like I dropped off the face of the Earth, huh? I’m baaaaaaaack…and here to tell you about my works in progress (W.I.P.).


I wear circle skirts often because I have so many and the addition of a petticoat would give me that extra special retro feel. My MIL sketched out a petticoat for me so I’m basically making it with an idea instead of a pattern. Let’s hope for the best! (So far it’s a future tutu…whomp whomp)


FREE CHAIRS! My husband LOVES the free section on Craigslist (Fun fact, we met on Craigslist haha) and found some chairs for us. All we needed to do was pick them up at the local hostel! We aren’t too crazy about the cushions but free is free and we could always make seat covers. We found some cheap duck cloth to practice with since upholstery fabric is crazy expensive so that will have to do for the time being.

Black curtains=sort of boring in my opinion. I bought some black curtains that I’d like to “fancify” with a coordinating fabric. They weigh a ton so hopefully my lil’ old sewing machine can conquer this project!

What are YOU working on?


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