Black Curtains are Boring.


I bought some black thermal curtains to keep my apartment cool. It’s already heating up to miserable temperatures in Austin but the black was so boring. I thought side panels of a coordinating fabric would help make the curtain look a little less plain.


Supplies Used:

  • Eclipse Thermaback Samara 42″x84″
  • Cutting Mat
  • Rotary Cutter
  • 3 Yards Duck Cloth
  • Sewing Gauge
  • Pins
  • Ruler

Not pictured: Upholstery Thread in Black


After ripping the top and bottom of the curtain (thanks to my husband for helping me with the seam ripping!) I pressed them flat and laid the curtain on the floor. Each panel is 11″ wide and was a huge pain in the butt to cut! I’m sure I have carpal tunnel now. Anyways, I used the already hemmed side of the curtain to line up the panels, pinned it down and sewed together with a 1″ seam allowance.


Panel sewn to curtain.


Original hem with the addition of a panel. This was the easiest part!


Finished! Since I have another window that is very close to this one so I figured one curtain looks fine and not too bulky. I do think the rod can be raised about an inch so the curtain won’t drag on the floor.


Close-up and bonus Tardis light switch cover! I think the curtain looks really good! Until next time, happy stitching!



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