Simplicity 2154 Blouse



That bow. SO HUGE!  Luckily I made it smaller than it was intended.

I made the skirt from hell a few weeks ago to complement the blouse but I’m planning on making a new pencil skirt with different fabric. I can’t wear this skirt. I’ve ironed it several times only for a new wrinkle to appear immediately after. I HATE THIS SKIRT. Anyway, back to the blouse.

photo (5)

I used a lightweight 100% cotton batiste from my stash and honestly, I feel it’s a little sheer. I’m thinking of possibly adding a lining in the future but for now I’ll be sure to wear black undergarments.

photo (6)

Look at that bow! I’m glad I downsized it from what it was originally meant to look like. This size is much less distracting in my opinion.

photo (8)

Lucky for me, I can wear this outfit to my job. The next thing I need to do now is make the cardigan! Until next time, happy stitching!


4 thoughts on “Simplicity 2154 Blouse

  1. Cheryl

    I’m glad you posted a close-up of the shoulder and collar. The seams look so perfect and straight! And the bow is amazing.

  2. Ann Weisman

    What a wonderful job you did. I love how it looks onyou. Make more pencil skirt. Makes me really want to get out my sewing machine!

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