Sewing for Friends: AB’s Pizza Dirndl Skirt



Hi everyone! I apologize for my absence this summer. There was so much going on including a Disneyworld trip, one of my best friends got married, sewing machine troubles and a new job! Although I haven’t been blogging, I’ve definitely been sewing so be ready for lots of new posts in the future, not just of things I’ve made for myself but for friends as well!

A dirndl skirt is two rectangles for sewn together with a rectangle waistband. It’s so simple you don’t need to make a pattern, unless it’s for yourself and you don’t want to mess with measuring…like meeee.


Dirndl skirts are versatile and easy to make so why not use funky fabrics? About a year ago I took my friend Annabeth’s measurements for her and happened to remember her waist size and that she LOVESSSS pizza. Early birthday present! I always think ahead (well, occasionally) :P.


The material is 100% cotton purchased from Hancock Fabrics. One yard was used so not only was this a 2 hour project, it was inexpensive. Look at this lovely chick. This is the perfect skirt for her!


I know the button is hard to see, but it’s a grayish mushroom made from Shrinky Dinks!


SUPER DUPER THANK YOU SHOUTOUT to Jay Ybarra for taking these wonderful pics! He has an Instagram account (@photo.jay) for those of you that appreciate photography.



Can I just say that lapped zippers have made my life easier?! SERIOUSLY.


I have a ton of vintage zippers that need to be used. This lovely red Talon metal zipper is a nice touch.

As always, thanks for reading and happy stitching! -V



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