Nesting Doll Dirndl Skirt



I’ve made a few dirndl skirts for my friends so I figured it was time to make one for myself.


I bought this 100% quilting cottonĀ at Joann’s ages ago! This is actually “scrap” fabric from another much smaller project. And another lapped zipper…I can’t help myself.


I was worried that all the gathered fabric would make my butt look too big! Luckily it came out ok:)!


EXTREME CLOSE-UP!!! I’m actually pleased with the waistband. It lays pretty flat, although I’ve lost a little weight since I made it. YAY ME! LOL.


Hello CAT HAIR:p. I swear I lint rolled the heck out of the skirt. Helo finds a way…


I really like this skirt. It’s work appropriate, colorful and most importantly it’s comfortable. Maybe I’ll just over to the “dirndl” side and stop making circle skirts…maybe.

Until next time, happy stitching! -V




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