A Deerlightful BlueGingerDoll Violet



Happy Friday! How’s it going?

I was so delighted to come across BlueGingerDoll patterns, especially because they are drafted for a D cup!!! Although I’m not a D (not since sixth grade! Geez), this still helps greatly since commercial patterns are drafted for a B cup. WIN!


Do you automatically assume a pattern won’t fit you so you cut the largest size hoping it will?! That’s what I did! I shouldn’t have…

I cut a size 24 with no alterations, although as you can see in the picture, many are needed. I need an FBA, the sleeves are very baggy, waist is too big, the way I sewed the clear elastic in the waistband looks like crap (first time, so I’m not too upset about it), I could go on but won’t. The lack of stretch in the knit didn’t help either. This pattern needs to be made again soon so I can address all of the issues I’ve had with it. ALL MY FAULT. I know that. Moving on.


The back looks surprisingly well but can be sized down a bit. Believe it or not, I have only worn this dress to work once, even though the deer print is so adorable!! Will I ever grow out of novelty prints? NOPE. I live for that sh**. That said, I need MORE! I purchased my fabric from Girl Charlee sometime last year.


Soon I’ll make this dress again with a stretchier knit and obviously grade it down a bit. Looking at the pattern measurements I’ve decided to make the next one a size 20 in the shoulders, grade out the bust to a 24 with an FBA and then grade the waist back down to a 20. I’ll also have to raise the neckline a bit because it’s a little too low. Hoping that will work! I must say that this pattern was a breeze to sew! The instructions were very thorough, which I appreciate. I tried to sew a Vague pattern *ahem* Vogue and was beyond confused. Said outfit is now a UFO.

Until next time, happy stitching!


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