A Less Than Perfect Sewaholic Hollyburn 


Hey hey! What’s going on? Today I’m sharing with you my latest (and worst) Sewaholic Hollyburn. Long ago I decided to share everything I’ve sewn that’s wearable, even if it’s garbage. And now here we are!

My lovely MIL purchased this fabric for her and I a few weeks ago from Joann. It’s a lovely linen blend and she bought enough so I can make one for her as well. At first glance, it doesn’t seem like there are too many problems. It sits on my waist, the length is good…

AH-HA! Waist is actually an inch and a half too big. SO. MUCH. SADNESS. When I cut the fabric I knew I didn’t have enough to add a center front seam so I omitted it and cut it on the fold less 5/8″. So THIS SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED! Needless to say, I’m upset.

The waistband is also 1/4 ” too wide…This is what happens when you stay up too late and sew. Lesson learned. Since I didn’t have enough fabric I used leftovers from my pink Hollyburn for the pockets and I like the contrast. Matches my shirt nicely!

I’m not looking forward to taking this apart but I will one day in the future. Like, a day far, far away. Like my natural hair? Since it’s already becoming miserable in Texas, I’ve decided to grow my bangs out until winter. Feel so good to pretty much wake up and do nothing to my hair. I have started an Asian Beauty regimen so that alone takes up 1 1/2 hours of my morning! So worth it though. Seriously…my eye bags have disappeared after two weeks!

Until next time, happy stitching!


3 thoughts on “A Less Than Perfect Sewaholic Hollyburn 

  1. That sucks the waistband is too big. 😦 It’s such a gorgeous colour and I love the pink pockets! I definitely think you should fix it, because you look great in this outfit! 🙂

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