Copying My Clothes: Knit Dress


Around Christmas last year I saw this dress at Ross for 10 bucks. It was short, the print didn’t line up and the fabric is just a poly nightmare, but I liked the fit and saw a potential pattern could be made from it. I’ve made four dresses so far and I can’t stop!

Back view. I love the keyhole!


My first copy! I made it with short sleeves and a keyhole opening about 7 months ago. I wear it like crazy!




Drag across the bust… I’ll blame the fabric. On Girl Charlee’s website it was stated that it had a 40% stretch. Sadly, it was about 20% but I’ve made due. I still wear it constantly.


Number 2 3, 3/4 sleeves, no back opening. The fabric makes this dress so awesome. It’s a cotton poly blend with lots of stretch. Actual number 2 is a little see through and I didn’t want pics of it on here haha. I need to line it.



Number 3. PINEAPPLES! Because I was trying to conserve fabric, the skirt and sleeves are a tad shorter than I prefer. BUT PINEAPPLES!!! I’m actually wearing it as I type.



All of the fabric used was purchased from Girl Charlee. I can honestly say is that I love my dresses and I will continue making different variations until forever…I need more prints! Maybe even a solid colored one!

Until next time, happy stitching!




5 thoughts on “Copying My Clothes: Knit Dress

    • Cheryl

      Beautiful as always! Who needs solid colors when you have such awesome prints? Love the foxes and the pineapples. These look great on you! Keep it up, girlie.

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