Colette Moneta




Hello! I purchased the Colette Moneta pattern about a year ago and sewed it right way only to be disappointed with the fit. After some adjustments I’m happy to have one to show today!

When I initially made this dress I cut out a 2X and the neckline was too loose in the front so it looked weird. Also, I’m not a huge fan of gathered knit skirts and elastic so the skirt had to be changed. To get rid of the wrinkly neckline, I traced a size Large and graded it out to 2X at the bust and now it looks much better! I also added an inch to the length of the bodice and added pleats to the skirt instead of the gathers. I shortened the skirt by an inch as well.

I bought my fabric on Girl Charlee and because it had a slight defect (you can’t even tell, it’s so minor), I paid $1.50 a yard. That makes me so happy! Needless to say, I’ve bought several yards and will continue to do so as long as the price is right.

My feet are intentionally cropped out of the pictures because I broke my pinky toe on Sunday. When it happened, I was in denial and refused to go to the doctor. Stupid me! It hurts like crazy. Oh well, accidents happen but I’m totally blaming my cat. In a month I should be healed. Until next time, happy stitching!


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