Batman and Robin 2015


I am Batman. Or “Batchick” according to my husband. I had so much fun in my costume.

There’s this lady I work with who’s super awesome and I thought it would be silly if we dressed up at the clinic. After getting permission to do so, I thought Batman and Robin would be a fun costume idea. We bought RTW leggings and long sleeved tops which made everything move along quicker. I spent about two days this past week working on the costumes at a snails pace. Things could have been finished quicker but I’ve been sooooo lazy. I blame the weather.

I purchased 1 1/2 yards of dandelion colored cotton for $5. The fabric for my cape is actually lining fabric from my stash, and the Batman logo on my shirt is an applique I made from my husband’s old t-shirt. Cheapest costume ever! The capes are long rectangles gathered at the top and were sewn along the back of the neckline to the shoulder seam. I tacked down the cape where the sleeve and shoulder seam meet. I found the mask at Savers for $2.

Being silly. It was 100% humidity and I couldn’t wait to take that mask off. My face look like a melted crayon afterwards. -_-

She wanted a shorter cape but long enough to cover her backside.

Love it! I’m so happy that I talked someone who would never dress up into doing so. She looks great!

The Dynamic Duo! Words can’t express how fun this was for me. I haven’t participated in Halloween in two years! Who knows what I’ll dress up as next year.

POW! Until next time, happy stitching:)!


2 thoughts on “Batman and Robin 2015

  1. Cheryl

    Great costumes. They look like you spent a lot of time on them! I bet you had a lot of fun with them. Way to go. Can’t wait to see next year’s!

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