Go to Patterns Parisian Top…Sort of 


I bought the Go To Patterns Parisian Top a while back and even though the instructions included a FBA, I was still really hesitant to make it.

Based on the measurements, I was a little too big to cut a straight XL so I decided to grade the pattern up a total of two inches…BAD IDEA as you can see. It looks like a tent!! Such sadness, or anger according to my expression haha! I graded out the shoulder from size M to XXL through the bust and hips. I must say I’m pleased with the shoulders all of things. They fit very nicely.

Gah, those sleeves! So large. With the help of my awesome husband Nick, we pinned the sides so it fit better and then I fixed most of the issues, except for my swayback. I cut this out before I realized I would need that kind of alteration.

The puffy shoulders are cute but not something I would normally look for in a pattern. The fabric is a Ponte knit that I purchased from Hancock for $2.99 a yard that was on sale from $19.99 a yard. SCORE! I have enough left for another top.

Already looks so much better, with the exception of the swayback. I didn’t quite follow the pattern to a T. Missing pieces are the sleeve, hem bands and collar. I also shortened the sleeves by three inches.

Finished product, still with a scowl. Oh well. Until next time, Happy Stitching!


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