Long Sleeved Gertie Pin-Up Sweater and Altered Jeans


Yet another Gertie Pin-Up sweater. This time with long sleeves and all of the necessary adjustments have been made. The fit is much better this time around! I also resized a pair of $5 thift store Levis! 

I did a 1 1/2″ FBA and 2″ Swayback adjustment. These jeans fit so much better after taking them in!! Before pics below.

Twin needle for the neckline as usual. I don’t recommend this fabric to anyone. It was a little thinner than I anticipated but it worked well enough. I purchased it at Hancock Fabrics from the Value section so I’m not 100% sure on the material. 


The Swayback has been eliminated! Such a good feeling. Also, the legs look smoother. I’m ok with those wrinkles. 

Before pics:

Pardon these next pictures. Nick wasn’t home and I couldn’t wait to take the jeans apart. These were taken with my IPhone with a timer. The waist fit okay, but the rest of the jeans were loose.

Look at that sad butt!

And sad thighs. Such sadness. Not sure how many inches were taken in because there was a little spandex in the denim. I used a tutorial off of BurdaStyle. 

Close up of the waistband and belt loop. SUCH A PAIN IN THE BUTTTT. My sewing machine didn’t like the thickness of the denim and I broke quite a few needles. 

Last Sunday we went to a traveling art installation called “Architects of Air”. It was awesome! I highly recommend if you’re able to catch it.

Until next time, Happy Stitching!


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