Doe and Deer Plantain Tee


I love when sewing is easy. A lot of the time I find myself getting irritated over adjustments, fabric, you name it. Not this time! Presenting the Doe and Deer Plantain tee. This pattern was extremely easy AND free…yep, it’s a free download! Awesome.


Elbow patches on a knit?! WHY?! Doesn’t matter because I’M DIGGING IT. I did a 1 1/2″ FBA and a 1″ Swayback adjustment. I also graded up the pattern three sizes. Now I need to make one in a neutral color!


Close-up of the patch. I’m pleased with the pattern matching! It’s the little sewing things that make you happy :).



Was trying to show off the patches, instead got a silly picture haha. It was SO cold and wet that day, but I’d rather have that than sunny skies. I hate the sun.

My birthday is in a few weeks and I love giant flowers. They make me feel like a fairy. Just wanted to throw that out there ;).

I want you to hire a giant to stand on the background of every scene I’m in to make me look daintier. It works. It’s why Lamar Odom married that giant Kardashian girl.”

Until next time, Happy Stitching!






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