My First Pair of Pants: Closet Case Files Ginger Jeans


I spent too long on these jeans and I’m sad to say they didn’t last long. SADNESSSS. Presenting my interpretation of Closet Case Files’ Ginger Jeans. This is also my first post of 2016!

I cut a size 20, which was only an inch too big around the waist. I used View A for the waist and View B for the legs. The next time I make this pattern I’ll have to grade down from an Size 18 waist to a 14 for the legs and thighs. I had to take A LOT of fabric in around the thighs and legs. My body is weird.

Close-up of that pocket…I used REALLY cheap denim from Hancock Fabrics that had 3% stretch. Needless to say, that was too much stretch and the pants got really baggy to the point they aren’t wearable. The topstitching came undone after ONE day of wear. Too much stretch, damnit! Obviously I am going to invest in some high quality denim and try again. There’s some pulling at the crotch and I messed up the left pocket when I sewed on the waistband. I regret not getting more pictures, especially of the back, which looked great considering everything else! Thanks to my husband for helping with the pocket placement. Jeans are not a one person job.

Even though I’m not pleased with these jeans, I’m proud to say I actually made a pair! It was hard and I was annoyed the whole way, but I’ll definitely give it another go. Until next time, Happy Stitching!


2 thoughts on “My First Pair of Pants: Closet Case Files Ginger Jeans

  1. Cheryl

    Great effort. I can’t imagine tackling such a tricky piece. Looks good on you even though it eventually stretches. Keep it coming. I love this blog.

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