Rayon Floral Dirndl=Happiness


I’ve FINALLY made a skirt that isn’t cotton! Quilting cotton is so easy to sew but i just LOVE the lightness and feel of this rayon fabric. SUCH SOFTNESS.

I purchased two yards of this really pretty floral fabric from Joann Fabrics a month or so ago for $4 a yard. Because it’s just two gathered rectangles, no pattern was used. My main issue with this skirt isn’t the fabric surprisingly…it’s that wonky waistband! I had an old waistband cut from black fabric that I made YEARS ago and came across it as I was throwing out some old stuff. It’s cut off grain and looks bad but a belt can cover it nicely:).

I knew immediately that I wasn’t even going to attempt a narrow hem with this fabric, NO FREAKING WAY. It was very slippery and sort of a bitch to stitch, but I’m sooooo happy with this skirt. I’m wearing it right now! I’ll definitely use rayon again.

Mind my unusual hair color; I’m in a transitional state at the moment.

Until next time, Happy Stitching!


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