McCalls 6696 Shirt Dress


Happy Monday! For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to make this dress but have been too afraid of it because:

  1. It’s not a knit.
  2. There’s buttons AND a collar!
  3. It’s a dress, not a skirt.

Although it’s by no means perfect, I’m SO PROUD of myself for finishing the dress in a weekend and not giving up. It was a very frustrating experience but it has inspired me to keep trying!

I used my high bust measurement (size 18) and graded it out to a size 24. Even though the pattern has custom cup sizes (I used D) , I should have done an FBA. I was scared, so I didn’t do it. *WHOMP WHOMP* The pulling across the bust is not preferable but like I said, not bad for a first attempt! The front darts need to be lowered the next time around. The side darts are protruding…if you know how to prevent that, HOLLA! I need help. I’m pleased with the outcome though. I added an inch to the bodice length and I’m glad I did. What you’re seeing is a slightly different version of View B, with a dirndl skirt instead of a pleated one due to the fact that I didn’t have enough fabric. I like the look of it with a dirndl though.

I purchased 4 yards of teal broadcloth at Hancock Fabrics for $1.99 a yard expecting the whole dress to be teal. Due to the fact the fabric was horribly off grain, I had to scramble and find some fabric that could work with the teal for the skirt since the fabric store was already closed. I swear I’ve had two yards of this 100% cotton novelty Dia De Los Muertos fabric for at least 4 years, waiting to do something awesome with it. By the way, I only had the first page of directions so I had to figure out how to sew the collar and placket. I need to be better about keeping my sewing stuff in one location.

Expect some more cotton and funky prints to come. I will sew this dress again, once I figure out the rest of the fitting issues. I’m currently working on Simplicity 8096 View C, an Amazing Fit dress that goes up to a DD cup! Can’t wait to show it to y’all!

Until next time, Happy Stitching!


5 thoughts on “McCalls 6696 Shirt Dress

  1. This is wonderful! I am so impressed at you working out the collar by yourself! I am still always confused by collars. I love the gathered skirt, too. It looks lovely, and those colours are so great on you.

    FBAs aren’t scary, I promise! Once you’ve done one or two they’re very easy. The first one is confusing though, and you have to go slow and find a good tute (I like Mary from Idle Fancy’s tute but there are plenty if you google, so you can find one that works for you). I was also nervous about it and put off learning for…. years. So I only made skirts! 😛 I can see with my sewer’s eye that it’s pulling at the front but I think if I didn’t sew I wouldn’t notice it. An FBA would help but it looks like it fits ok without. Does it feel comfortable to wear?

    • Thanks for the lovely comments and your response! I’ll give Idle Fancy a look and I’ll hopefully overcome my fear of FBAs soon. Luckily it’s still very comfortable to wear, even though it’s way too tight across the bust.

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