Simplicity Amazing Fit 1354



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Y’all…this pattern is most definitely a NEVER AGAIN. My face says it all. The construction to a point was really straightforward until you get to the sleeves. Holy crap. How do you even make this dress?! I’ll still wear it because I adore the print but never again.

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Let’s get to my main issue about this dress; the sleeves. As you can see, they don’t lay like they’re supposed to. There’s a back band that’s supposed to connect the bodice front to the sleeves and be visible around the back. The instructions were really confusing once it got to the sleeve facings. Seriously. GEEEEZ. Headache city! The funny thing is that the rest of the dress was a breeze to sew! Super easy.

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It was so easy that I fearlessly lowered the bust point! This is a big deal for me since I’m scared of messing up a pattern and wasting fabric. I cut a straight size 24 bodice with a DD cup and lowered the bust point 1 1/4″. Other alterations included 1″ added to the bodice length and 3″ off of the hem. I’m 5’5″, which I’m guessing is short since all dress patterns are long on me. I paid $1 for the pattern and the fabric was free from my grandma’s stash. Luckily I have 3 yards left to make something else. Thanks grandma!

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I can’t explain this picture. I can’t rock nude lipstick and that’s TOTALLY okay.

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I wore my new dress Monday and it’s so comfortable. With the exception of the sleeves, I’m happy with the outcome and will not sew Simplicity 1354 again. BYE FELICIA!

Until next time, Happy Stitching!


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