Portland Rose Dress Revisited: McCalls 7351



Hello again! I had an amazing vacation in the Pacific Northwest but I have to say, two weeks is kind of a long time. After 9 days I was ready to come home to my kittens and sewing machine. I’m so happy that I was able to take pictures at the International Rose Test Garden! During our visit last April, I debuted my Portland Rose Dress with every intention of taking photos at the garden, forgetting the roses wouldn’t be in bloom. Needless to say, I’m excited to share these pics. Thanks as always to my awesome husband/photographer, Nicholas. You’re the best!


This is my second shirtdress, the first had lots of issues, mostly the tightness in the bust and the fact I had no instructions. I love how cozy this dress is. 


I bought this 100% cotton vibrant colored print for $4 a yard at Hobby Lobby. My dress was packed in a suitcase and I didn’t have access to an iron so it’s super wrinkled!  Again, I need an FBA but I feel like the bust doesn’t look as bad as my version of McCall’s 6696.


Pockets! Lately I’ve been adding pockets to all skirts and dresses, except for the knit one I’ll be sharing next week. I have no idea why I was avoiding pockets in the first place. 


I was SO pleased with the collar! This time around I wasn’t afraid of it since I actually had the instructions, ha. I can’t get over the print. THOSE ROSES. Such brightness.


More wrinkles…Anyway, I’m definitely going to make this dress again with an FBA, even if it doesn’t look 100% perfect. 


Until next time, Happy Stitching! ❤


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