Style Arc Samantha BlueGingerDoll Violet Mash-Up



Hello! More pics from my vacation, this time in Canada and a new dress that is soft and comfy! We visited the Capilano Suspension Bridge, which was a bit frightening but also very beautiful.


My lovely husband and myself, trying not to let the humidity win.


The Style Arc Samantha top is a raglan tee with a boatneck. I cut a straight size 20 but I should’ve started at a 16 and upgraded to 20. Attached is the skirt of BlueGingerDoll’s Violet in size 20.


Black Keds ugggggghhhhh. Funny story… I was planning on wearing red Keds I brought but they floated away on the Oregon coast and were rescued by my friend, Rob. They have since been cleaned and no longer smell like beach garbage. It was really disgusting.


The bridge was a sight to behold but it was so shaky and slightly nauseating.


Thanks for reading and until next time, Happy Stitching!


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