A Tale of Two Ann(e) Tops



Hi everybody! I recently had to organize all of my sewing things and came across SOOOO many PDFs that I had completely forgot about. Before BlueGingerDoll dropped off the face of the sewing world, I purchased the Anne top. My other forgotten top is also called Ann, that has ruching on the sides, which I received for free through signing up for Style Arc emails…3 years ago.  Keep reading for additional details!


The Style Arc Ann T top is supposed to hide a multitude of sins with side ruching, but I feel it really accentuated my stomach for the worst. It was easy to sew, even though my first attempt at ruching really sucked. I usually avoid clear elastic like the plague, but it was necessary for the ruching. I cut a size 16 and had zero problems sewing it together. The main issue I had was with the neckline binding. Initially it laid flat and looked right until I put the top on. I ripped the stitches out and took an inch off the length and started over. Obviously it didn’t help very much since you can see the neckline is a bit loose on the left but it’s not that huge of a deal.


I used a cotton blend interlock remnant that was purchased at Joann Fabrics. As of this moment, I’m not certain I would make this top again. If I did, I would definitely take out the ruching.


Onward to the BlueGingerDoll Anne top, which has a peek-a-boo neckline and four sleeve variations. I had a HELL of a time with this pattern. Firstly, in 2014 when I bought it, page 9 was really off so I had to get in touch with Abby (Owner of BlueGingerDoll patterns) to get the problem resolved. It took quite a while to receive the corrected page since at the time she was in process of moving. I completely forgot about it until recently. I printed the new page 9 and taped my PDF together, only to discover that another page was off too. I did the best I could anyway and I think it looks okay considering this pattern made want to rip my eyelashes out.


This is what the top looked like as is, before I attempted to make any changes to the fit. Excuse my spotty mirror. It’s not used very often! As you can see, my bra is visible and the peek-a-boo area really just shows cleavage and a not so great fit. To fix the problems, I stood in front of the mirror for what felt like forever with pins and a seam ripper. Things would of been great if Nick was home. He’s really good about lending a hand when I need help with fitting, etc.


I purchased the insect knit from Savers and the black textured knit is a remnant from Joann Fabrics. I also haven’t mentioned that I had no instructions for this top. They were found days after I finished this and luckily everything was done correctly. Will I make this top again? As of right now, no. While I like the look of the peek-a-boo detail, it was so much of a headache for me!

Anyway, thanks for reading and until next time, Happy Stitching<3!


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